Kits for every mood.

Being alone is anything but lonely.


Skin Frosting, Violet Paste

Find pleasure in your skincare ritual with our take-care kit.

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Coming Soon

Perfection is a state of mind.


Tripler, Violet Paste

This collection is your gentle yet effective antidote to breakouts.

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Coming Soon

That first day feeling.

Chapter One

Brightening Elixir, Droplet, Daily Airy

Whether you’re new to skincare or looking for a change, this collection offers a fresh start.

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Coming Soon

Get lost to find yourself.


Tripler, Vapour, Droplet

Free spirits rejoice, this collection has everything you need to get away.

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Coming Soon

Make your own holidays.


Skinfrosting, Vapour

This gift-worthy collection helps you celebrate any occasion, big or small.

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Coming Soon

Own your true colours.

Makeup Lover

Daily Airy, Rose Jelly

What if taking your makeup off felt as good as putting it on?

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Coming Soon

No science experiments.
Just great skin care.

Why Plenaire?

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